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“I am ashamed of you”- Princess blasts Iya Rainbow over Baba Ijesha case

Princess, a stand-up comedian, has blasted legendary actress Iya Rainbow over her recent interview with BBC Yoruba.

In her interview, Iya Rainbow claimed she tried to persuade Princess to withdraw the complaint against Baba Ijesha, but she refused. Iya Rainbow stated in her interview that after everything, Baba Ijesha has been freed on bond.

Princess has seen the interview and has responded. A clearly enraged Princess stated she is embarrassed of Iya Rainbow for her statement, describing her as an irresponsible mother.

“Mama Rainbow,” says the narrator. I’m embarrassed for you. You are a terrible mommy. I’m sorry I ever admired you. I’m sorry I never got to see you as a mother or grandma.

You stated that you had phoned for four days and that I had not returned your call, and that they had now freed him.

For your knowledge, you just phoned me once to tell me I needed to go release him. I never disrespected you since you were educating me. I even went out of my way to explain things to you. You said Baba Ijesha phoned you to ask for your assistance in persuading me that he had insulted me. I then inquired if he told you what he did, to which you replied that he didn’t.

I then informed you that this is what he did, and you were visibly shaken on the phone. You pleadingly requested that I provide you my home address. You phoned me on the third day, stating that what I told you wounded you and that you could see I wasn’t alright since I was weeping and wasn’t myself. You’ve now requested my home address in order to see me. I gave you the address, but you never showed up. You didn’t show up since it had no bearing on you. You had the impression that I wasn’t your child. Mama Rainbow, you gave birth to your own offspring! I watched how you came out to plead with your child when he had difficulties with his Instagram profile. That child was yours. You know how to care for your own kid, but since I am someone else’s child, you phoned me and told me to go release someone who was being held in police custody for a crime.

That day, I was in tears. I was dissatisfied. Everything was told to you. You were now playing the role of a good mother. Have you paid me a visit since then? Have you phoned me since then to see how I’m doing? You’re now claiming that I was searching for a way out of court? You are a senior citizen. You’re not permitted to say anything about what your eyes didn’t see.

Just think about it. Mama Rainbow was someone I admired much. Would you have done it if I was your kid or if the victim was your child?

I didn’t anticipate something like this from you. You arrived, and you were insensitive enough to claim you phoned me and pleaded with me not to escalate the matter.

How could you say anything like that? Never, ever, ever! Please keep away from anything that concerns me since I used to respect you until this evening. It’s a pity.

Would you come to me and tell me I should go and release someone who is in police custody for a crime they are investigating if I were your child? Then you go on the internet and say, “I wanted to sneak out” (of the court). Were you present at the time? Were you present when I went to court?

Mama Rainbow, who are you? You’re meant to be a strong Christian, a grandma, and a role model? I’m embarrassed of you for coming after me in that manner at your age. Do you wish for this to happen to your children or the children of your children? Would you react in this manner if something occurred to you? Mama Rainbow, you have to talk.

How are you going to do it? You are a senior citizen. You ought to be more knowledgeable. You got my home address from me. For what purpose? To be able to share it with others. To be snooping around behind my back. I didn’t say anything. Then you went online to say it once more. Do you believe I’m scared of you? Mama Rainbow, it’s you! You are undeserving of the respect I have bestowed upon you. I, Princess Oluwadamilola, will fight until the end for my kid. I will speak up on behalf of all the other victims. Any body that has been abused or degraded will have my support. “What do you stand for, Mama Rainbow?” she said fiercely.

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