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Mr. President, I repeat, is the one who is causing instability in our nation – Gov. Ortom says

Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue state, has reiterated his belief that President Muhammadu Buhari is the one who is causing insecurity in the nation.

Governor Ortom recently told media that if the President chooses to take a stance today, the country’s insecurity would be a thing of the past. He also blamed Buhari’s advisors in the White House of creating the difficulties he is experiencing.

As he puts it

“Right now in this nation, there is nothing under this APC that we can claim is doing it right.” Is it about safety? How can Northern governors, Southern governors, and the National Economic Council come up with a strategy that would end the murders in our nation, only for the president to say no, that open grazing is required?

Where will you do your open grazing? Is it in Vandeikya, Guma, Otukpo, Makurdi, or somewhere else where they aren’t infringing on someone’s farm? I believe that people that advise Mr. President are the ones who are causing him difficulties. And he should think again about it.

The national economic council is comprised of all 36 state governors in the United States. Why should you reverse that if they sit down and make a decision under the leadership of the Vice President? Why should he enable an appointed individual who has never served in a councilorship election to come in and undo the work of 36 governors who were elected by the people? That isn’t correct. As a result, I’ll say it again: Mr. President is the one who is causing instability in our nation. That issue will be addressed the day he says, “Let’s tackle this insecurity problem.” That is correct. Because, like this one on open grazing, which he insists on, it would only succeed in creating trouble, turmoil, and anarchy because most of us, and I won’t speak for others, but open grazing has no place in Benue. There was also no space for them to discuss the land use legislation being reviewed. The Land Use Act is a constitutional issue that will be decided by the states before being reviewed. Even without the review, Benue has said no.

That review will not be permitted. State governors continue to be in charge of land on behalf of their people. The security that was promised in 2015 has not materialised.

When it comes to corruption, we’ve never seen anything like what we’re witnessing now in the APC-led administration. Where is the Minister who was arrested by the EFCC Chairman for purchasing a house for 37 million dollars and remitting 20 million dollars? If not from the government, where did she obtain that amount of money? Take a look at what’s going on in the petroleum sector. I’m robbing people all over the place.

Consider members of the federal executive council who were aware of EFCC cases worth billions of dollars. Their crimes are now pardoned since they are members of the governing party. If someone takes a chicken, however, you will go to prison. Isn’t that fair? That is not the same as justice. Where is the power promised to us in 2015? There’s a lot of corruption going on. And they go for individuals who aren’t corrupt in any way. Every day in Benue, the EFCC is on my workers’ necks. They’re strewn around the area. But they haven’t discovered anything, and we haven’t taken any action.

Why can’t they find those ministers who are hiding because the EFCC would arrest them if they stay somewhere else? I’d want to assure them that APC will not be there indefinitely. PDP has previously been present. However, PDP ceased to exist one day. And now it’s APC’s turn. They won’t be there indefinitely. And when the day of reckoning arrives, they will all be arrested for all of their actions. Nobody will be exempt from the law. Yes, people are free to do as they want, but when God determines that today is the day, no one will be spared. The thief has several days, while the owner only has one.

Let the APC administration know that despite everything they are trying to get people to join them, I have declined to join them. I am still in PDP, and I am still with my people, and I will continue to work with them to rectify the mistakes that PDP has done in the past so that we can all move this nation ahead together.

Today, the APC has betrayed our country. All they’re doing is intimidating and coercing individuals, as well as attempting to blackmail certain people into making it seem as if they’re saints when they aren’t. They all have a nefarious motive. So, please, don’t let anybody fool you. What we are doing in Benue State will not change. We’ll never be able to do a U-turn anyhow.”

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